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Student's attending Placement - 11/11/2020

Before starting placement ensure that you are meeting the current restrictions of the COVID -19

1. You must wear a face-covering (example face mask) as recommended by the Department of Health and Human Services to allow us to meet the regulatory requirement. We request that you go to the venue with a face covering and during the class keep wearing the mask.

2. Students are not permitted to attend placement or other learning activities on site if they self-report, or are observed to exhibit, symptoms of respiratory illness, including fever, sore throat, cough and shortness of breath. As part of vigorous reminders from the Department of Health on coronavirus - COVID-19, it is extremely important that you look after your own health & safety and safety of others, Please note if you have a body temperature of 37.5 degrees C and above, or FLU / cold-related symptoms or have come in contact with anyone from overseas OR A PERSON WITH A POSITIVE CASE OF COVID -19, YOU CANNOT ATTEND. Please adhere to social distancing rules.

3. If the Work placement organisation such as Long day Care/ Community settings or Schools have discretion to determine who they allow onto their site. Like most organisations, facilities may have introduced additional hygiene measures which must be observed by visitors, then all Assessors must adhere to these criteria.

Assessors & student Note: The Australian Government has stressed that practicing good hygiene and keeping a physical distance between individuals are in place to fight this virus. If a trainer/ assessors/ students are feeling unwell, or is required to self-isolate, they must not attend any location and must go home, inform your emergency supervisors listed above.

4. Please also note: If you have been tested for Corona Virus, having symptoms and awaiting results please do not attend, we will be happy to reschedule the visit to a later date. Please visit your GP and seek medical advice before attending the premises if you are concerned

5. Please keep yourself aware of the covid hot spots and if you have visited any place, follow the directions of DHHS.


Dear Students,

As you all already know the news, we are letting you know as part of our obligations, please refer to the following information in addition to the confirmation of booking that was emailed for Thursday Night and Saturday Classes (including all future classes)

1. You must wear a face-covering (example face mask) as recommended by the Department of Health and Human Services to allow us to meet the regulatory requirement. We request that you come into the class with a face covering and during the class keep wearing the mask.

2. Upon arrival, Your temperature will be checked, you will receive a checklist to complete. Please read this checklist on the link below in relation to COVID-19, if you do not accept this you cannot attend the training.

3. As part of vigorous reminders from the Department of Health on coronavirus - COVID-19, it is extremely important that you look after your own health & safety and safety of others, Please note if you have a body temperature of 37.5 degrees C and above, or FLU / cold-related symptoms or have come in contact with anyone from overseas OR A PERSON WITH A POSITIVE CASE OF COVID -19, YOU CANNOT ATTEND.

4. Please also note: If you have been tested for Corona Virus, having symptoms and awaiting results please do not attend, we will be happy to reschedule the class to a later date or refund the fee paid.

Please visit your GP and seek medical advice before attending the premises if you are concerned.


Please let us know if you have any questions and we will be able to assist you further. As a routine mandatory requirement, our Trainers also show you their temperature before the class starts. We are trying our best to support you and your family's safety, so please assist us to meet this obligation.

Limit the spread of germs and prevent infection

A few common sense steps we all can take to prevent the spread of any respiratory virus:

🗣️Avoid close contact with people who are sick.

🗣️Stay home if you are sick or if unsure consult your GP.

🗣️Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, especially after going to the bathroom; before eating; and after blowing your nose, coughing or sneezing. If soap and water are not readily available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol. Always wash hands with soap and water if hands are visibly dirty.

🗣️Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when coughing or sneezing. It may prevent those around you from getting sick.

🗣️Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth.

😃 Stay Fit | Stay Healthy Mindfully 😃

🙋Practice other good health habits. Get plenty of sleep, be physically active, manage your stress, drink plenty of fluids and eat nutritious food.

🙋Disinfect doorknobs, switches, handles, computers, telephones, bedside tables, bathroom sinks, toilets, counters, toys and other surfaces that are commonly touched around the home or workplace.

Courtesy image from WHO - world Health organisation

Ref: RedCross & Better Health

Early Childhood Educator Journey

Journey of an Educator? You Make or Break your day!

Starting to work in the Early Childhood Education and Care industry as an Educator should make you shine as a star rather than stress you out with the workload.

But what actually involves working efficiently in this industry?

Is it setting up play activities so children get busy and show a smile and you feel accomplished?

or would it be

Intentionally planning opportunities and leaving them to explore the fun of spontaneous play.

Let’s explore what practices assist the Educators to enjoy the benefits of belonging to their learning environment.

The famous quote of Loractis Malaguzzi states that “Our task is to help children communicate with the world using all their potential, strengths and languages, and to overcome any obstacle presented by our culture.”

Extending on this, we could take simple steps in enjoying our journey as a successful Educator, in saying so I do recall once my teacher said to me if you perform at 60% your class will perform at 40%, hence it is really important to perform 200% to achieve the full energy of the students into the classroom and one shall see the students overcoming obstacles as they will have the ability to conquer their tasks and relations within their community grouping.

Let’s explore further:

For a child, it is essential that each Educator treats the child as unique and builds that nurturing relationship, along with pedagogy practices that help make decisions in the best interest of the child's ability and interests.

But how do we do this?

Would that be by being able to belong the child into the setting?

Well, focusing on the key term "Belonging" could be greatly adopted by the Educator as this is a powerful attitude one can attain, since belonging within their community grouping will eradicate their fears, strengthen their feelings and bring out their zooming confidence.

So, plan the play in the context of the child's learning.

Let’s take a closer look:

1. Building Identity:

What is that one activity I could start that the child is familiar with from their culture?

Perhaps the answer is straight, any festival of the child's family or any cooking experience that the child can relate too. This will allow for the expression of personality and uniqueness in an individual child when they would easily get involved in it.

2. Bring in the Community:

Who from the family could be part of the child's learning process? Perhaps all, or perhaps only at least one member of the family or guardian.

So, why wait for let's send "Molly" with her book home, so Molly can travel to the child's home and the parent can record in the book what Molly did with the child & the family. This way the children can show and share with others in their community grouping what experiences they had at home when Molly visited their home and became part of their routine and family dining. (Here Molly is a pet which belongs in her own bag and carries a book along)

This way we will be able to assists children to develop relationships and concepts.

3. What about Feelings? Well, it's all about Well being:

Thought of a welcome song in the child's language or have we got a lullaby in the child's language. Perhaps we could have an area for feelings and ask children how they are feeling today, so their emotions are addressed each day and they learn ways to build resilience. This way we will be able to stimulate a sense of well being in them.

4. Getting involved and being an active learner:

This is simple, here we set activities that assist the children with their existing skills, new skills, and emerging skills for their age group.

But giving them an opportunity to play independently, or as in a group. Take care in giving an opportunity to play independently by setting a table for one and a choice of table for two and a group. So, if a child wants to be solo, their choice is respected. Having small size mats for play also helps with a sense of belonging.

This will enhance dispositions such as curiosity and creativity by playing in an activity setting.

5. Lastly, language verbal or non-verbal:

This is one of the most important factors in child's day, how are they going to express? Here, we can use technology, texts, range of media to communicate and make meaning, listening to them, encouraging them to communicate their way and appreciating their learning will enable the children to make connections between prior experiences and new learning.

These 5 tips can be practiced as often and these will engage children well. Certainly, the life of an Early Childhood Educator to some extent will get more enjoyable seeing the children cruise daily into play and learning, little progress daily helps build a great learning environment for children to participate and belong in. So, let's start this exciting journey today.

Written & Published on December 26, 2019, by Ritu Reddy - Experienced Trainer & Assessor | Founder of Inspire & Learn Pty. Ltd. RTO 45125


Fire fighter learning activity

We were lucky to look after a few children today and this was a talk that was just overwhelming the children from being at school to care. The only way we could get the conversation started is by getting them involved in this firefighters' incursion activity. By being able to cater to a range of age groups we were able to talk, feel, express our emotions. Listening to the news, feeling courageous and proud of all the firefighters that are battling at the front to control these fires exhaustively. Children took turns reading the books to the younger children while the older children were able to add more meaning to these conversations saying that we "need to talk to our teacher or find an adult to just start saying how you feel"

We spoke about what is an incident, what happens during the incident and what should we do when we are involved in an incident.

Staying strong with the nation and the feelings of the children we start our holidays with the hope that things will improve for those who have lost everything. What would be our learning environment be called? "Brave Charlie" ; "Life of Firies"


Pets and Children - Are we prepared

🐶Links to NQS 3.2.3 - Environmentally responsible

🐶Having a pet at your service gives children the opportunity to observe, interact and learn about animals.

🐶It can be a valuable part of a child’s education and care experience, enriching their learning about nature, ecology, and relationships.

🐶While there are many benefits to keeping animals in service, there is also a range of issues that educators need to consider for the safety and well-being of both the children and the animals.

Educators must take:

🐶Special consideration to prevent the spread of infectious diseases because contact with animals can spread disease.

🐶Effective hand washing and cleaning

🐶Appropriate supervision

🐶Encouraging direct contact and developing bonds with animals, can help children build empathy (Thompson and Gullone, 2003, p.175).

Skills developed:

🐶Nurturing skills



🐶A caring attitude


Studies have shown that children with pets:

🐶Have higher self-esteem

🐶Have improved social skills

🐶Are physically active, and less likely to be overweight or obese

Links to:

🐶Outcome 1: Identity: Children learn to interact in relation to others with care, empathy, and respect.

🐶Outcome 2: Community: Children become socially responsible and show respect for the environment.

Source Ref:

(Early Years Learning Framework, Framework For School Age Care) recognizes the services role in supporting children to understand and appreciate the natural environment and the interdependence between people, plants, animals and the land (p.198 - p.199).

Students attending graduation ceremony at Inspire and Learn , Melbourne
Students attending graduation ceremony at Inspire and Learn , Melbourne

Inspire & Learn 2019 graduating students are now setting their career pathways working in their local communities by taking on as professionals in their own sectors.

We got to know so many amazing stories of the students graduating this year, where each one had a story to tell. Many changed places and traveled to new cities while others went through their own personal life changes, still keeping them engaged Inspire & Learn's Trainers never gave up. Each and every student was very unique and important to us. Here there were examples of how difficult it got working full time and taking and career change to dealing with health issues and families unexpected circumstances. We held on strongly believing our students and the same we got in return was the trust of students that we are here to support them.

Despite all challenges our students never gave up, pairing them with excellent highly qualified Trainers and Assessors, we set on their journey to support them right away, many said from the time of starting to figure out the intricacies of the subject to gaining knowledge and skills our Trainers were present to support in every way. It amazes us to see how soon the students worked their way up to the employment and this was an amazing journey of theirs to share with us.

Inspire & Learn thankfully congratulates everyone for showering their love, respect, and kindness in making the ceremony a big success. Thank you to all the Inspire & Learn students' wonderful families who came a long way in supporting and making this achievement a celebration of importance for their own family members.

Our deep appreciation to the Chief Guest - Mrs. Carolyn Paterson for coming forward with a generous heart to join in with all of us. Sincere thanks & appreciations to the coordination unit Amanda & Yvonne along with the educators for their persistence in supporting students engaged with Precious Stars for their studies.

Our local community members help us setting & individualizing the ceremony with an exclusive special touch to every moment celebrated by our students.

We are humbled and grateful to all our Trainers and the administrative staff. Finally, our team got to keep some excellent memories to cherish their hard work in succeeding students. Without you all, it would not have been possible.

Accolades to our graduating students for such a lovely rewarding career path they have set on and wish them an abundance of luck in their future endeavors.

We look forward to many such moments of celebrations again in the near future and trust this will be a greatly rewarding experience for all our future students.

Kids learning about first aid and becoming aware of common poisons around the home


First Aid & Poisoning (Children)

📣 As much as it is important for you to be aware of first aid, it is equally essential to speak to children about first aid. Simple role model skills and precautionary steps can protect children from vulnerable actions towards emergency situations.

📣 Common poisons around the home can be:


- Cleaning products

- Household products (like makeups- containing a high level of lead; essential oils, herbs, car cleaning products, batteries)

- Poisonous plants and mushrooms that grow after heavy rains

📣 Symptoms of poisoning may include:

- Nausea

- Vomiting

- Drowsiness

- Falling over

- Abdominal pain

- Fitting.

📣 Child poisoning can occur:

When a child can swallow poison, spilled on the skin, sprayed or splashed in the eye or inhaled.

Children are often poisoned by substances left unattended and easily accessed in places such as:

on a bench or table, ready to be used

in visitors’ bags (for example, medicines)

in bedside tables.

However, keeping in high cupboards can be safe but children can also climb to get there, hence locked cabinets are safe.

Poisoning can also be caused by poisonous plants. Austin health page provides a list of poisonous plants.

📣 Always remember:

Poisons Information line 13 11 26; In severe emergencies call 000.


health Victoria

better health Channel

Austin Heath

Royal Children Hospital

Tips you should know about studying online - Inspire & Learn

While every course you study requires you to complete a workplace component, you should consider how much time you require to dedicate in a week for school, family, work, study.

Well, that might sound a lot!

Make your study - work - family life balanced by choosing flexible online courses offered by us.

Remember you have more comfort in your own time to schedule your learning.

You get more interactive time with your trainer online from 8 am to 8 pm.

You will learn to keep pace with technology and new trends in your chosen industry.

Recent technology has been user-friendly and gives you more means of building your own online community of peers interactions and motivations while remotely studying courses with us.

Students say: It has been a flexible and immersive experience while others say: I did the right thing to study online - so much flexibility, I can plan my day better rather than listening to a 6-hour lecture.

So much and so much fun when it comes to online studying - Try it yourself!!

1300 045 125


Interviewing Tips & Tricks – Get Ready Rocking!

1. Search up the right job for yourself

🗣Create a new email with your actual name

🗣Avoid funny email addresses (viz. accidentally hilarious - remember the first impression is the best impression.

🗣Subscribe to the job market, choose areas and skills you would like to receive job updates on.

Subscription Ideas:

Education support/ Teacher Aide/ Integration support - School jobs




Subscribe to agencies for OSHC & Early Childhood






Community Services sector jobs






2. Applying for a Job:

a) Read through the selection criteria

b) Here you will need to prepare for the selection criteria or expectations

c) Examples of Selection criteria include

🔖Capacity to undertake routine support tasks across a range of functions

🔖Demonstrated capacity to communicate effectively

🔖Use of office systems (like printer, scanner, lamination, etc.)

🔖Capacity to work cooperatively with a range of people including teachers, educators

🔖Have you done professional development to keep up with your current work role?

d) Prepare for behaviour questions where they can throw certain scenarios like

📌What will you do when a child shows inappropriate behavior?

📌What is the medication procedure?

📌Coming across a difficult parent?

📌What have been the challenging tasks at the workplace?

And having Examples in mind will help you are ready for the interview

Especially for questions

♦Do you understand our service philosophy or school values?

♦What are some of your strengths & weaknesses?

♦ Knowledge of NQF - National Quality Framework


e) Modify the cover letter and resume to show your skills and knowledge as required by the future employer, you must take care to reflect the type of job and selection criteria you are applying for.

f) Directly present your strengths in the covering letter that meet or exceed the selection criteria.

3. At the time of the interview

🗨Show professional demeanor (& body language)

🗨Dress up professionally - neat casuals or professional attire as required by the job role.

🗨Use appropriate language

🗨Don’t tell that you know everything about the service/ company and appear desperate

🗨If the service has Values, Philosophy – make sure you are aware of that and you understand it

🗨Allow your future employer to explain to you what they have to say

🗨Listen carefully and speak clearly (if needed slowly) as per their expectation

🗨There is no harm in asking a question or asking about the shift timings, pay scale (these are positive questions you may ask)

4. Follow up

📞Within a couple of days of the interview if you do not hear from your future employer, call them and ask them for an update. This shows you are still interested and keen.

5. Don’t worry

☑If you do not get this job, our advice is to maintain a diary and write those questions you were asked, prepare well for these questions in your next interview.

☑As a student of Inspire & Learn we help you set up your resume and cover letter and also guide you for any prospective interview process.

6. Remember - Every day is a new day and a day full of opportunity.

🤷So why worry?

🤷Let's start again...

Note: Inspire & Learn also provides professional resume writing service including setting up a covering letter, Philosophy, selection criteria review for a small fee for service charged.

Many individuals have been supported and you could be the next one!

Please contact for resume writing service with subject title - Resume Help


How to start your own family day care - Inspire & Learn

Setting up your own family daycare – Do you plan to choose a flexible and rewarding career?. Read more..

Early Childhood simulated environment setting at Inspire and Learn Point Cook Melbourne
Are we all smiling minds, mindfulness is a big focus at Inspire and Learn and our students are encouraged to surround themselves with a positive mindset where they are encouraged to do things like gardening.


Are we all Smiling Minds?

Mindfulness is a big focus at Inspire & Learn. Our students are encouraged to surround themselves with a positive mindset. It’s all about recognising the self-doubt that occasionally springs up in many of us and to simply tune into smiling minds to support one's well being and health. Read more..

Working as a Teacher Aide at School can be such a beautiful experience, one example is showing and teaching children how to respect their land owners and embrace Aboriginal community engagement into the school setting.

One such book we have come across is about the “Welcome To Country: An Introduction to Our First Peoples for Young Australians” written by the Australia's most renowned scholars, Professor Marcia Langton.

In this inclusive guidebook to Indigenous Australia and the Torres Strait Islands answers questions such as 'what does 'country' mean to Indigenous people?' A detailed introduction covers such topics as Indigenous languages and customs, history, native title, art and dance, storytelling, and cultural awareness and etiquette for visitors.

It also explores the vast landscapes, the insight into the culture that includes the history of the Indigenous Australia and the Torres Strait Islands, their language, kinship, art, performance, storytelling, native tile and the stolen generation to name a few.

Reading to children and talking to them about the land they live and belong, and connect with is so essentially important to help build respect and acknowledgement towards the nation they live in.

Inspire & Learn suggests entering into the field of education support and choosing a rewarding career by making your presence in the lives of young individuals those who are ready to take over the history of the nation in future.

Choosing this career path and studying Education Integration Support will prepare you to work in the classroom, assisting teachers and contributing to the development of students of all ages’ primary to secondary. If you are passionate about education and making a positive difference in the lives of young people, Education Support certification could be the perfect career for you.

CHC40213 – Certificate IV in Education Support Course is recognised Australia Wide – Nationally Recognised Qualification

Why study with us?

Enrolling into this course, you will learn some crucial knowledge on

- Managing Children’s Behaviour

- Supervise children/ students in the classroom and outside the classroom

- The various types of disabilities and what resources can be recommended

- Autism Spectrum disorder

- Assisting students/ children in literacy and numeracy

- Supporting the needs of children/ student with additional needs

- Building knowledge on key core skills relating to the legal and ethical framework as guided by the department of education and training of your state.

Our Commitment to you:

Once you enrol! You know you are in safe hands with us.

Fully support is provided whether you choose to study online, distance or come for a classroom study option.

Inspire & Learn Trainer and Assessors provide ongoing support via phone, email and face to face help, if you are engaged at workplace your Assessor will assist you in meeting your obligation and balance of work – study.

Our turn around time is quick and we are available for support daily from 7 am to 9 pm AEST.

So why wait?

Check out the link below to browse school job opportunities, you will be able to narrow your search checking jobs in various categories like

Education Support Class

Teacher Aide

Integration Aide

You may be able to set up your resume and add your resume to ROL (Recruitment Online) so you can get regular updates from the Department of Education and Training.

Let’s take a closer look at what the current trend is after the course completion, here we bring you the report from the Australian Government – Department of Employment, Skills, small and family business that states - Graduates of this course are most often employed in:

83. 3% in Education & Training Sector

6.1% in Health care and social assistance

2.8% in Retail trade

Hence it is so much important to choose Inspire & Learn as your training provider who will be dedicated to your career goal and will be at the same committed level as you.

Contact us at 1300 045 125 and ask for the Christmas Special Offer

Course details and Core & Elective can be checked at

Still Waiting? Career Change Now or Never.

Written & Published on March 23, 2017, by Ritu Reddy - Experienced Trainer & Assessor | Founder of Inspire & Learn Pty. Ltd. RTO 45125

It was not until my job got redundant that I realized I needed a change. Having a pre-schooler entering school and another child starting day care, I knew that I wanted a career that would allow me to spend time with them yet still make professional advancements.

I realized that I had a passion for helping my children work through obstacles that they faced in school. I recall one instance where my son came home from kindergarten and complained that he didn’t have any friends and would never go back to it again.

As a mother, I was confused in the support I could provide to help him assimilate into his new environment. I came up with the idea to help him create an art book that his preschool friends could draw in and that would help him initiate friendships.

This idea was welcomed by the teachers and it was an outstanding and worthwhile way to make him love his kinder program. Through instances like these, I realized that my true passion lay in working with children and their families.

Entering into the field of Early Childhood gave me a better insight into child development, a subject that I had keen interest in as I watched my own children grow. With great mentors, I was able to derive from them positive energy and confidence about my decision. Each discussion with fellow educational leaders was a valuable tool in building positive learning outcomes for children that I worked with. The opportunity of working as an Educator helped me draw from my experiences as a mother to serve the children & families in my local community. And the best part was that I could continue to be close to my family. Perseverance played a great role in fueling my motivation each morning before heading to work. Here were stressful times when my work became more intellectually, physically, and emotionally challenging than I had expected. Playing with children was an excellent source of therapy. The beautiful and innocent smiles that I received during meaningful conversations with children were what made my work worth it and allowed me to focus on the opportunities available.

Today, I take great pride in my decision for a career change to Early Childhood Education. Although my path to a career change took courage and involved uncertainty, I was able to obtain a rewarding career that allowed me to express my passion for working with children.

My specific job focuses on the play-based aspect of Early Childhood Education. For example, through Lego's and train sets, the children are given the chance to learn mathematics concepts such as shape, symmetry and geometry. This child-oriented field allows me to collaborate among children and assist them with activities that ignite their imagination and develop their creativity. Being an Early Childhood specialist has allowed me to shape young minds that will contribute to a stronger community and a beautiful nation.

Why not make a decision today and take a career change on what you are good at? Make your passion your profession!

Why set goals?

Every one of us may spend countless hours to think about our present life and future. Almost everyone wishes to change our lives.

Whether it is family life, friendship, career or finances. We all want to change something. The first step is to set goals.

What are the benefits of goal setting?

There are many of them and many reasons for why set goals.

1. You take control of your life

Goal is like a GPS in life. It gives you direction and helps you choose where to go in life. It makes you vision about your ideal future and to turn it into reality. When you have achieved the goal, you improve your life and become a better version of yourself.

2. You focus on the important things

Goals help us to sort out what is important and what isn't. You will only focus on the things that you want to achieve and spend precious time on them.

3. You will make good decisions

Goals help you identify and establish your priorities and make the right choices based on the long-term view of what is most important to you.

4. You can finish the task efficiently

You will focus and concentrate your time and energy on the task. Keep away all the distractions and this makes you efficiently.

5. You will be self-confident and enthusiastic

When you set a goal and measure the achievement, you are able to see what you have done and what you are capable of. This process of achieving goals gives you confidence and a belief in yourself. And you become enthusiastic too.

6. You will make progress

After you have achieved one goal, you will try to achieve higher goals. In the long turn, you will see big progress you have made when looking back.

7. You are closer to success

Goals are the starting point of success. A good start makes half the success.

Set your next career goal today: Apply for one of our training products listed below

Inspire & Learn Registered Training organisation offers Nationally Recognised Training.

  • We deliver qualifications Australia wide.

  • First aid training courses within Victoria.

  • We offer 2 study modes Online Training with Work Placement option or Work-based Training/ on the job training option.

Nationally Recognised Qualifications:

First aid Training Courses: Nationally Recognised

These training products are Nationally Recognised Training, under Australian Qualification Framework guidelines.

Enrol Now

Source reference: Goal Setting for

Still waiting ? career change Now or Never - Inspire & Learn
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