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Are we all Smiling Minds?

Mindfulness is a big focus at Inspire & Learn. Our students are encouraged to surround themselves with a positive mindset. It’s all about recognising the self-doubt that occasionally springs up in many of us and to simply tune into smiling minds to support one's well being and health.

Some working suggestions from Inspire & Learn Mentors include:

- Loving self and being kind to yourself

- Giving yourself the freedom to be imperfect

- Open yourself up for many possibilities

- Build a sense of well being by just doing what you like

In the moments of what you like is just exercising your hobby.

So let’s be compassionate and show gratitude, and you shall see this return to self.

This attitude is very essential to build and lead a fulfilling career goal. Our students from the CHC50113 Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care suggests that we all should take time to holistically reflect on a positive mindset.

They say that working as a qualified in the childcare and delegating responsibilities to new graduates while reflecting on practices along with continuous programming can bring in challenges, the best solution is to adapt to mindfulness and to remain calm in an emergency or hectic situation.

Being students of Inspire & Learn they have learned the core values of team building, learning to mentor staff and also work in the best interest of the children by incorporating Goal 2 of the Melbourne Declaration on Education Goals for Young Australians by working towards and exceeding in practices to build Successful learners, confident and creative individuals and Active and informed citizens.

They have also learned to adapt and build on their Early Childhood Pedagogy and to apply the professional judgement s to practice by learning and applying their professional knowledge and skills to build successful learning outcomes for the children by building awareness of how their beliefs and values impact on children’s learning.

At their place of work with children we have seen Inspire & Learn students graduating with Diploma of Early Childhood Qualifications as being truly responsive to the needs of the children by adapting holistic approaches.

A holistic approach can only be adapted when Students and Early Childhood Educators take on mindfulness and recognise the connectedness of mind, body, and spirit.

During our regular catch-ups study groups with students our Trainer and Assessors conduct simple ice breakers to help boost your confidence and tune into a simple breathing exercise at least twice (2) daily, by taking 10 deep breaths in and out.

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