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Reading Material and resources are for study group sessions in class only.

If you like to borrow any text books please fill in a rental agreement form.

The Text books can be rented for 2 weeks. please return on time to help other students access thee resources.

Your cooperation is appreciated.

Students will have access to the following services:

Education Hub Inspire and Professional development network

Students will get assistance with career planning, interviews preparation, applying for work/ work placement/ work experience, networking with educators in this field of study. Join in and access the "Career Hub jobs board and professional development group", this will allow you to access the variety of Professional Development opportunities (Please note: PD's are non-accredited training sessions, a certificate is issued on completion of training successfully.

Joining the study group is a great start to connect with future opportunities, our group members benefit a lot from regular professional development activities.

Lots & Lots of Support to students - A learning resource center for students exclusively set up for you.

We provide activities ideas, planning documents, videos and so much more to keep students engaged, assists them in building the additional knowledge they may require to perform activities along with more than 1000’s of templates and ideas to work with children throughout their course of study. Creating programs to help you with your work placement, work-based training and much more.

Access to the simulated learning environment: ​

Photos Videos

Hearing service

Providing compassionate help and spiritual support to students and staff of different faiths and none. We offer a listening ear, quiet spaces, and a warm welcome; drop by for a tea or coffee.

Learning material in LARGE PRINTS, should you require an alternative format, we have you covered.

Prayer room:

If you are religious, we have a space to meet your ritual needs. Every student has access and equity rights.

Access to resources

Resources & Links to access to students to stay up with well-being & additional access to – Wyndham City Council / Hobsons Bay City Council Disability Services.

Study Help

Meet industry educators while at playgroup or join in when sessions are organized to run Early Childhood Workshops & Professional Developments. Every student has access and equity rights.

Benefits of Study Groups

Study groups are organised where a group of students can join together either at their local library or at the campus to form an active learning opportunity. Our popular child care activities helps boost opportunities for inspirational learning and helps you prepare well for work place opportunities.

Benefits of being a part of the study group enable you to share ideas, learn from others and develop your own emotional intelligence. These opportunities can be motivating for some while others might see this as an effective learning approach.

Individual Learning Plan

Providing students support via individual learning goals to meet their Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) needs. Please contact your Trainer/ Assessor if you like to know more about this standard. From time to time, your trainer might review your learning needs or changes in learning needs that affect the completion of a certain unit.

This opportunity provides Trainer to work with the student on creating an Individual Learning Plan that will enable you to attain your goal in meeting the LLN needs of the particular unit/ course or the full qualification.

External / Third Party references

Math’s Online

Reading and Writing Hotline

Study room space and a computer

With prior appointment, the students will be able to book in a quiet study space and lend a laptop.

Access to reading library

Access to additional reading material like Early Childhood & School Age Education and Care reference books & a resource library.

Gowrie Victoria


Opportunities to visit Gowrie Victoria learning and child care center in Docklands – Students will mutually understand and pay the cost of the visiting their child care facility.

Community Support Services

Students can choose to engage and join groups referred, can participate on their own wish to local community support groups –

1. A support page to work in conjunction with the group 'Mums in Point Cook' -

2. This is an open community forum for the residents of Point Cook. -

3. A place for EARLY EDUCATION EDUCATORS to gather for support, discussion and ideas. -

4. The Empowered Educator Group is a safe place where those working in the early years sector can come to feel part of a community committed to empowering not only themselves but also others through always being open to learning something new, supporting, asking questions, feeling part of a tribe and sharing the ups and downs of what is often a very stressful role. -

5. Aussie-only single mum support group! Join the single mum chats, ask questions, give or get fellow-single mum support - or just chat about how your day's been!

Grab a cuppa and come on in... -

6. Students Problems is the global student union. You will connect to 10 million students through their shared passions, interests, and struggles. Many giggle posts to make you feel lighter and memes to enjoy -

7. Student Accommodation Melbourne - a support group for help -

8. Let's Feed is a community movement run solely by volunteers and seeks to address food gaps affecting at-risk individuals within our community. -

9. CSHH (VICTORIA) is a social network group site for folks, family, tribe in the VIC region that are either looking for or have a place to rent... be it a house, room, cabin, studio... in town, in the hills, on acreage, wherever... or you may know someone who does.

This group is only intended for the exact purposes of finding and offering short and long term genuine accommodation for people choosing to LIVE in VIC. -

10. Precious Stars Family Day Care provides home-based child care for children in Point Cook, Salt Water Coast, Altona Meadows, Seabrook, Tarneit, and Williams Landing. - It also assists students to connect with industry staff if they wish to work as a family day care educator, supporting students open up their own family day care service -

External counseling support is also available

Links are listed in the student handbook and also in the Parent Handbook of Family Day Care & Long Day Care services made available to the students, these provide an extensive list to access local social support network.

Managing and Tracking your money

Students will pay the fee for service when enrolled in the course, this support service engages students to download the app to better manage and budget their finances to ensure the balance between personal living and study cost is managed effectively.

Free Wi-Fi access at Melton South Vic 3338, while students are also welcomed to bring their own gadgets for study

We also assist the students with resources to use in the simulated/ practical work placement or at workplace assessment situations. Prior planning and booking with the RTO staff will be welcomed.

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