CHCECE011 - Provide experiences to support children's play and learning

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CHCECE011 - Provide experiences to support children's play and learning

This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to support children’s play and learning.

This unit applies to educators working in a range of education and care services.

The student has set up a safe environment on at least three (3) occasions (including at least one indoor and one outdoor), including:

· Demonstrating effective selection and placement of equipment and resources, with consideration for safety of the children

· Guiding and facilitating individual children’s play and learning experiences, including allowing for children to make decisions

· Creating an environment that allows for individual and collaborative experiences

· Providing a range of experiences to stimulate children and aid learning, including those that allow exploration of natural materials, environments and experiences.

The student created an environment for play by:

· Assisting in the provision of areas, resources and materials for different kinds of play

· Setting up a safe environment that is non-threatening, challenging, stimulating and promotes a sense of belonging

· Assisting in the provision of unhurried opportunities for both group and individual play activities and experiences indoors and outdoors

The student supported children’s play and learning by

· Engaging children in discussion (as appropriate) of their play and learning

· Using routines to undertake intentional teaching and seek opportunities for spontaneous learning

· Using experiences, resources and materials flexibly to meet children’s individual preferences and to prompt extensions of play

· Assisting children to participate in a variety of experiences and to choose those which support their competency and confidence

· Demonstrating respect for children’s choice not to participate and encourage participation where an experience is new or unknown

The student has facilitated children’s play, learning and physical activity by:

· Following child’s lead in play and participate when invited

· Initiating play and invite the child to participate

· Interacting with children showing enthusiasm, playfulness and enjoyment

· Responding to children’s reactions to play environments to ensure each child remains interested, challenged but not frustrated

· Establishing routine with children so as to support them in remaining safe

Knowledge Evidence:

The candidate must be able to demonstrate essential knowledge required to effectively do the task outlined in elements and performance criteria of this unit, manage the task and manage contingencies in the context of the work role. These include knowledge of:

  • how to access:

  • the National Quality Framework

  • the National Quality Standards

  • the relevant approved learning framework

  • how to navigate through framework and standards documents to find areas relevant to this unit of competency

  • relevance of the approved framework to pedagogical practices

  • play and learning experiences, associated resources and materials relevant to the interests and abilities of children

  • role of play in learning

  • theories that pertain to play

  • reflective practice

  • United Nations Convention of the Rights of the Child

  • organisational standards, policies and procedures

  • safety measures available to minimise risks for children and others.

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