CHCEDS021 - Assist in facilitation of student learning

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CHCEDS021 - Assist in facilitation of student learning

This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to understand and apply a range of principles and processes to facilitate student learning, either for individuals or for small groups.

This unit applies to education support workers in a range of education environments who are responsible for aligning support strategies with teacher facilitation strategies to assist student learning.

This work is to be undertaken with appropriate guidance, support and supervision by a nominated teacher or other education professional.

The student has demonstrated Applying their understanding of current education approaches relevant to the education environment This is

• In consultation with teacher or other education professional, identify teaching and learning approaches applicable to the relevant education environment

• Confirm the teaching and learning approach and its principles of practice with the supervisor

• Select resources to support the learning approach

• Work with teacher to plan learning activities and classroom supervision of student interactions

• Conduct the learning activities and supervision of student interactions

• Demonstrate principles of practice in the learning environment that reflect specified learning approaches

The student has Establish an environment conducive to student learning and is able to

• Identify and confirm learning requirements for the specified activity by interpretation of the learning program, in consultation with the teacher

• Meet specified needs of identified students in planning and preparation phase with the teacher

• Assemble and, where necessary, modify required resources prior to the activity

• Reflect the appropriate principles of practice in the planning and delivery of the activity

• Establish a positive, mutually respectful relationship with students using communication and interpersonal skills to match the student/group

The student has Facilitated the learning process by

• Interacting with students to reflect application of principles of practice in accordance with student learning styles

• Conducting each activity in accordance with provided programs and directions

• Take opportunities to enhance learning activities within the scope of the endorsed principles of practice

The student Supports and monitors student learning along with

• Monitor, document and report student progress to supervising staff to ensure learning outcomes are being achieved

• Adjust and modify delivery strategies to meet emergent needs and unanticipated situations

• Encourage students to reflect on personal learning achievements and learning experiences

• Manage student interactions to ensure effective participation occurs and effective relationships are maintained

• Use a range of established and agreed techniques to manage behaviour of concern

• Maintain, store and secure student records in accordance with organisation requirements

• The student has demonstrated evidence that the student has completed the following tasks at least once: established a learning environment and facilitated the learning process for both a small group and an individual at least twice, including:

- demonstrating principles of practice in the learning environment

- adjusting resources to suit individual needs

- complying with procedures relating to behaviour support

- accurately documenting written reports and records

Knowledge Evidence :

The candidate must be able to demonstrate essential knowledge required to effectively do the task outlined in elements and performance criteria of this unit, manage the task and manage contingencies in the context of the work role.

These include knowledge of:

  • interpersonal skills that influence positive student and staff interactions

  • reading, writing, language and numeracy competence required to perform effectively in an education support role

  • awareness of contemporary theories of learning

  • appropriate principles of practice for the identified education environment

  • learning process

  • current curriculum documents

  • institution’s process and procedures for working with students and supporting behaviour

  • the different responsibilities of teachers and education support workers for student learning outcomes

  • relevant legislation, policies and standards that regulate educations service delivery, occupational health and safety, behaviour support and anti-discrimination.

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