CHCEDS025 - Facilitate learning for students with disabilities

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CHCEDS025 - Facilitate learning for students with disabilities

This unit describes the skills and knowledge required by education support workers to effectively contribute to learning experiences for students with a range of disabilities.

This unit applies to education support work in a variety of contexts and the work is to be undertaken with appropriate guidance, support and supervision by a nominated teacher or other education professional.

The student can comply with policies, procedures and legislation that addresses work with students with disabilities

• Identify legislative requirements

• Use work practices that meet requirements of policies, procedures and legislation related to working with students with disabilities

• Review conduct in compliance with requirements

Demonstrate inclusive practices

• Use accurate and non-discriminatory language

• Include all students in group activities

• Display respectful interactions with all students, including maintaining confidentiality

• Ensure all students have access to a safe learning environment

• Demonstrate value for the rights and opinions of all students

Provide support to the teacher of students with disabilities

• Use knowledge of students to assist teacher to set goals for the student

• Gather and record data as directed by the teacher

• Develop support strategies for individuals to enable the achievement of learning goals

• Identify, prepare and maintain resources to support the delivery of education programs

Contribute to an education adjustment profile for students with disabilities

• Raise awareness of social and academic barriers for students with disabilities

• Provide observations to inform an education adjustment profile

• Contribute to profile meetings

• Implement the education program

• demonstrated inclusive practices, and developed strategies and implemented them for at least one student with a disability

• worked in collaboration with the teacher and others to promote support for at least one student.

Knowledge Evidence:

The candidate must be able to demonstrate essential knowledge required to effectively do the task outlined in elements and performance criteria of this unit, manage the task and manage contingencies in the context of the work role.

These include knowledge of:

  • relevant legislation, policies and standards that regulate education service delivery, occupational health and safety, behaviour support, and anti-discrimination and child protection

  • effects of one disability on student development and learning

  • a basic level of at least four disabilities

  • implications for learning of one disability

  • accurate language relevant to the range of disabilities

  • organisation processes for provision of support to students with disabilities

  • support appropriate to a variety of learning situations for students with disabilities

  • identification and description of the nature of a range of disabilities

  • how to explain the effects of a range of disabilities on student development and learning

  • ways to discuss the implications of an identified disability.

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